We bring a holistic approach to the services we provide with the goal of simplifying your financial life. We want to understand your goals so that we can design and implement a customized plan that benefits you and gives you flexibility wherever you are in your life journey.



Our Holistic Process

We watch the economic environment, offer timely advice, and monitor investment accounts that you have with us. We encourage you to follow our four Ps: practice patience, be persistent, maintain a long-term perspective, and make progress toward goals.

Listen and Uncover Icon

Listen and Uncover

Our initial conversations focus on understanding your values, concerns, goals, and financial situation to establish the foundation for our relationship.

We want to make sure we are a good fit, that you feel well supported and understood, and that you know we are working in your best interests.

Explore and Educate Icon

Explore and Educate

We explore your vision of the present and the future.

We review your estate planning documents, beneficiary designations, and charitable intentions to incorporate them into your plan.

We address a variety of financial topics. We want our clients to be educated, informed decision-makers.

Inspire to Action Icon

Inspire to Action

We create a plan tailored uniquely to your situation from the information you provide us.

Together we set priorities and timelines. Our goal is to inspire you to action and make progress toward a financially secure future.

We want you to feel confident in your financial decision-making and ask that you make us part of your “early warning system.”

Put the Pieces in Place Icon

Put the Pieces in Place

We implement recommendations made during the design process. We promote the accumulation of wealth, the preservation and use of your assets wisely, and create a plan that reflects your values and wishes.

We connect you with other professionals and coordinate as needed.

Make and Celebrate Progress Icon

Make and Celebrate Progress

We review your situation periodically and address any recent or anticipated changes.

We update your financial and/or investment plans and together we celebrate your progress.


See It. Plan It. Live It.®

We designed our Lifetime Income Funnel to help you understand and manage the flow of your income, expenses, and assets. Our approach works while you are building your wealth and also once you have repositioned following your career and are using accumulated assets to sustain your lifestyle. It is a critical step in planning for and your pursuing goals, planning for retirement income, and considering wealth transfer strategies and legacy planning.




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We create a wealth building strategy for you designed to support a sustainable lifestyle. When you are within a few years of repositioning to life after work, we begin the process of planning for establishing income streams for you.


Investment Planning and Management Icon


Investment Planning and Management


We manage your investable assets by addressing your time horizon and risk tolerance, identifying and implementing an asset allocation strategy based on your personal values, financial goals, and overall assets.


Retirement Income Planning Icon


Retirement Income Planning


We consider all available income sources as well as timing considerations. We adjust your income over time as your needs change.


Tax Senstive Planning Icon

Tax-Sensitive Planning


We are proactive and coordinate with your accountant and/or tax advisor on an ongoing basis.


Estate Planning Icon



We plan for the ownership of your assets during your lifetime and the transfer of wealth as part of your estate and legacy planning.


Business Planning Icon

Business Planning


For business owners, success has an immediate and lasting impact on their family’s economic security. We help with personal cash flow planning as well as an exit strategy that supports future plans.


VISTA Wealth Strategies LLC does not provide legal or tax advice.  Please consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.