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Contemplating Your Next Great Vacation?

Our vacation and business travel plans for 2020 have changed dramatically since March, when we hit "Pause" because the coronavirus arrived in our neighborhoods for a long visit. Vacations have been canceled or postponed, stay-cations are the norm. Traveling by plane is a different experience now, and some hearty souls are experiencing long-distance travel by car.

Don’t Forget Your Digital Assets When Doing Your Estate Planning!

Thinking about putting together your estate planning documents or updating them? While you are deciding who you want to have access to your financial and health information, you also need to decide who can have access to your digital assets if you become incapacitated and/or after your death.

Estate Planning – Making Your Wishes Known

What do Aretha Franklin and Prince have in common besides their phenomenal music talents and their music legacy? Neither one had estate planning documents in place when they died, leaving a mess to be untangled by heirs and legal professionals.