Our Clients

2017-12-13 Business Meeting - 2 People

Our clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, individuals, and families who are active and engaged in working on their own career success, running a business, getting ready to sell a business, or who have repositioned their lives after working and are doing what they enjoy most. We especially enjoy working with women who are truly focused on planning for and living a long and financially comfortable life. 

2017-12-13 Family Together

Our clients are open to new ideas and like having choices. We appreciate that they are coachable and financially responsible and want to manage their assets and their resources intelligently. They value having a long-term professional relationship with a financial advisor because time is precious, and they value expert advice tailored for their own situation. What all our clients have in common is they want to be educated, informed consumers. They have a positive vision of the future, they care about family and community, and they have a sense of humor.

2017-12-13 Couple at Beach

Our ideal client has a long-term perspective, at least $750,000 in investable assets and annual household income of at least $200,000 if still working. Our investments minimum for new clients is $500,000.