Holistic Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is holistic and focused on lifetime relationships with our clients. We partner with our clients to help simplify the complexities of life by designing and implementing plans that benefit our clients today and throughout their lives and offer them a sustainable lifestyle. How do we do this?

We pay attention to the overall economic environment, offer timely and intelligent advice, and monitor investment accounts that you have with us. We ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal or business situation as soon as they occur so we can help you be proactive and make wise choices. We ask our clients to follow our four P’s:  practice patience, be persistent, maintain a long-term perspective, and make progress toward goals.

Our Founder, Judy Redpath, has created and uses the Lifetime Income Funnel to help our clients understand and manage the flow of income, expenses, and assets during wealth accumulation, in planning for income in retirement, as well as considering wealth transfer strategies.

We follow a five-step process:

  • Listen and Uncover – We want to understand your concerns, values, and goals to establish the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.  We want to make sure we’re a good fit, that you feel well-supported and understood, and that your interests come first.
  • Explore, Educate, and Advise – We explore your vision of the present and the future in great detail. We use the information you provide us to create and refine a plan uniquely tailored to your situation that provides a roadmap to help you reach your goals. We review business, estate planning, beneficiary designations, and other documents and incorporate the elements of these documents into your plan. We use a variety of educational materials to help you develop a level of understanding so you are comfortable discussing the financial topics relevant to your situation. We want our clients to be educated, informed decision-makers.
  • Inspire to Action – Together we set priorities and define timelines for implementation of your plan and gain your commitment to make progress on your goals. We will ask you to make us a part of  your “early warning system” when something changes in your life so we can help you think through considerations and options to offer you optimal flexibility. Our goal is to inspire you to take action and make progress toward a secure financial future and to help you feel confident in your financial decision-making.
  • Put the Pieces in Place – Working closely with you, we implement the recommendations made based on identified priorities. Our objective is to promote the accumulation of wealth, help you use your assets wisely, and to create an estate plan that reflects your personal values and wishes. We coordinate with your existing team of legal, tax, and other professionals on your behalf to promote the successful implementation of your overall financial plan. We introduce our clients to outside professionals as needed who will be a good fit for you.
  • Make and Celebrate Progress – We review your financial situation periodically and address any recent or anticipated changes so that your plans and/or investments remain relevant and appropriate for you. We take joy in celebrating with our clients when milestones are achieved and as our clients transition throughout our lives.